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Traditional refers to a full-body burial in a casket, not cremation. There are many options when it comes to traditional arrangements. Full-body remains may be placed above-ground, either in our Garden Mausoleum, in a burial vault, or the body may be placed in-ground, in a grave with a cement liner.

Mausoleum burial is a practical alternative for those who would prefer to be buried above ground. Caskets are placed in specially designed crypts within the mausoleum.

  • Grave site preperation prior to burial, including tent and chairs, is included at no extra charge.
  • Bronze memorials and headstones are available through our office.



  • Veterans Salute Package with reinforced vault
  • Veterans Honor Package with cement liner
  • Individual standard lots available. You also have the option of placing additional interments and inurnments on the same lot. (Can also be set up for double-depth burials)
  • Above Ground Entombment in our Garden Mausoleum.

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  • In ground burial of urn in a reinforced urn vault
  • In ground burial of urn in a cremorial (urn & marker combination unit)
  • Individual urn lots available in historical section of cemetery and in the newer sections of the cemetery.
  • Above ground niches available in our Mausoleum. (Can also be arranged for double inurnments in single niche.)


Pet Cemetery

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Monuments & Markers