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Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery

Children in particular can have a difficult time understanding a pet's death. Helping them to learn to understand the meaning of burial, and the value of a special place to visit, assures them that their pet will not be forgotten.

Children are just as sad about a pet's death as adults. They have the right to miss their special friend. too of ten well-meaning adults who rationalize the death, or who try to replace the pet with something else unknowingly overlook the child's emotional needs. Setting a child up for avoidance or minimization of their feelings does not necessarily help them understand their feelings.

Help your child by allowing them to pick a special place for their pet's burial and allow them to choose how the marker will look. This can be very rewarding for your child.

Reaching Out. Odd Fellows Memorial Park has developed a special section of the cemetery for remains of those special animal friends who have made your life so fulfilling.

Helpful Memories. Memories are one of the best legacies we have after the death of a pet. Talk about and embrace these memories. Your pet entertained you, comforted you, protected you and loved you.

If your memories bring laughter, smile; if they bring sadness, cry. Memories made in love can never be taken away.

Comforting Rituals. Allowing and encouraging your family to have a memorial service for their pet can be a wonderful way to provide comfort. The memorial service provides a time to acknowledge the loss, share memories of the pet, and create a focus for the family to openly express emotions. While some friends or even family members may think having a funeral for your pet is foolish, don't let them take this special time away. Design a ritual that best meets your needs as you gather to pay tribute to your pet who has and always will be loved.

Memorial Options. One of the most important parts of planning cemetery arrangements is the selection of a personal memorial. The Marker or Monument is the item that the family and friends will see for years to come. Our staff will take the time to get to know you and help you create a beautiful memorial for your loved one.

Our cemetery allows a wide range of memorials. We can help you select one that suits your style and budget.

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